1606-XLP15E Allen Bradley Compact Switched Mode Power Supply

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Upgrade your power game with the 1606-XLP15E – the ultimate AC/DC compact power supply designed to deliver a reliable 24-28V DC output voltage. With its versatile single-phase and impressive 100-240V AC /85-375V DC input range, you can trust this DINRail mount powerhouse to handle all your electrical needs with ease. So why settle for less? Elevate your Allen Bradley system today!

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1606-XLP15E Allen Bradley Compact Switched Mode Power Supply

The Allen Bradley 1606-XLP15E is a compact switched mode power supply (SMPS) that provides a highly reliable and efficient solution for powering industrial equipment. It offers multiple input voltages from 24V to 240V AC and output voltages from 24V to 48V DC. With its slim design, the 1606-XLP15E fits in small spaces and helps reduce installation time. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of the 1606-XLP15E from Allen Bradley, as well as how it can help you with your industrial automation projects.

What is the 1606-XLP15E?

The 1606-XLP15E is a switched mode power supply designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. It is a compact unit that offers high efficiency and reliability. The power supply can be used with a variety of loads, including AC and DC motors, pumps, fans, and other equipment. It has a wide input voltage range and can operate in both single-phase and three-phase systems.

How does the 1606-XLP15E work?

The 1606-XLP15E is a 15W, single-output, external power supply with an integrated USB port. The USB port allows the user to connect the power supply to a computer or other devices with a USB port. The power supply has a standard IEC 320 C14 input connector and an output connector that is compatible with most popular DC power connectors. The power supply also includes an LED indicator that shows when the unit is receiving power and when it is providing power to the connected device.

What are the benefits of using the 1606-XLP15E?

There are many benefits to using the 1606-XLP15E, including its compact size, its ability to switch between AC and DC power, and its low price. The 1606-XLP15E is a great choice for those who need a reliable, affordable power supply.

How to install the 1606-XLP15E?

1. Unpack the 1606-XLP15E unit and check that all the parts are accounted for.
2. Mount the 1606-XLP15E onto a DIN rail using the mounting bracket provided.
3. Make sure that the input voltage switch is in the correct position for your input voltage, and that the output voltage selector is set to the desired output voltage.
4. Connect your AC power input to the L1 and L2 terminals of the 1606-XLP15E, making sure to observe proper polarity.
5. Use either screw terminals or an appropriate connector to make your DC power output connections from the “+V Out” and “-V Out” terminals of the 1606-XLP15E unit.
6. If you are using an external sense resistor, connect it between the “+sense” and “-sense” terminals on the 1606-XLP15E unit. Otherwise, leave these terminals unconnected.
7. That’s it! Your 1606-XLP15E is now installed and ready to use.

How to use the 1606-XLP15E?

The 1606-XLP15E is a switched mode power supply designed for use with Allen Bradley PLCs. It provides 15 VDC at up to 2 A of output current. The unit can be mounted on a DIN rail or panel using the included mounting hardware.

The 1606-XLP15E can be used with any Allen Bradley PLC that supports an external DC power supply. To connect the power supply to the PLC, first remove the protective covers from the terminals on the front of the unit. Then, connect the positive (red) lead from the power supply to the positive terminal on the PLC and connect the negative (black) lead from the power supply to the negative terminal on the PLC.

Once all connections have been made, replace the protective covers on the terminals and turn on the power switch on the front of the unit. The green LED indicator will illuminate to indicate that power is being supplied to the PLC.


The 1606-XLP15E Allen Bradley Compact Switched Mode Power Supply is an excellent choice for any industrial application. It provides reliable power, works quickly and efficiently, and keeps your equipment running smoothly. With its compact size, it fits almost anywhere making installation easy and maintenance simple. If you are looking for a reliable power supply that will provide years of service with minimal fuss then the 1606-XLP15E should be considered without question.