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Experience high-precision output with the Allen Bradley 1734-OE2V POINT I/O module. Boasting 2 channels and a signal range of 0-10V, ±10V, this module delivers unmatched accuracy with 14-bit resolution. With a quick step response time and external DC supply current of only 3 mA, you can trust in the performance of your control system. Elevate your operation with confidence – choose Allen Bradley.

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1734-OE2V Allen Bradley IO Modules

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to manage your automation processes? If so, then you may want to consider Allen Bradley 1734-OE2V IO Modules. These modules are high-performance input/output (I/O) devices that provide users with a secure and powerful way to connect their inputs and outputs in industrial applications. In this post, we’ll explore the features of this popular model of Allen Bradley IO Module and explain why it is such a great choice for industrial automation projects. Whether you’re new to Allen Bradley or have been using their products for years, this article will help you understand all of the benefits that come with the 1734-OE2V module.

Introducing the 1734-OE2V Allen Bradley IO Modules

The 1734-OE2V Allen Bradley IO modules are a series of digital output modules that are used for a variety of applications. These modules are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any application. The 1734-OE2V modules offer high performance and flexibility, making them the perfect choice for any application.

The Different Types of Allen Bradley IO Modules

There are many different types of Allen Bradley IO modules available on the market today. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Here is a brief overview of the most popular types of IO modules:

1. Analog input/output (AIO) modules: AIO modules provide both analog input and output capabilities. They are typically used in applications where precise control over signals is required, such as in process control or data acquisition systems.

2. Digital input/output (DIO) modules: DIO modules provide both digital input and output capabilities. They are often used in applications where simple ON/OFF control is sufficient, such as in lighting or security systems.

3. Specialty IO modules: Specialty IO modules offer unique capabilities not found in other types of IO modules. Examples include Ethernet I/O modules, which allow remote monitoring and control over a network, and wireless I/O modules, which provide wireless connectivity to devices.

Pros and Cons of the 1734-OE2V

-Connects directly to the PLC for easy configuration
-Isolated channels help protect against electrical interference
-Can be used with a variety of input and output types
-Is compatible with most Allen Bradley controllers

-May not be compatible with some non-Allen Bradley controllers
-Input and output type must be specified when ordering
-Channels cannot be added or removed once the module is installed

How to Install the 1734-OE2V

Installing the 1734-OE2V is a quick and easy process that can be completed in just a few minutes. Begin by identify the module location on your PLC rack. The next step is to disconnect all power sources to the PLC rack. Once power has been disconnected, remove the protective cover from the module and insert it into the empty slot. Make sure that the module is firmly seated in the slot and then replace the protective cover. Finally, reconnect all power sources to the PLC rack and restart your system.


When it comes to IO modules, the 1734-OE2V Allen Bradley model is a great option for many applications. It has multiple communication protocols and offers an impressive range of features that are sure to meet all your needs. With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, you can be confident that your system will operate smoothly and efficiently with this versatile IO module. We hope this article helped you learn more about the 1734-OE2V Allen Bradley IO Modules and their benefits so that you can make an educated decision for your application’s needs.