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Get ready to experience unrivaled control and safety with the 1756-L82ES GuardLogix controller from Allen Bradley! With a massive 5 MB standard memory and 2.5 MB of safety memory, this powerhouse comes equipped with a USB port, 1GB embedded Ethernet port, and can handle up to 175 EtherNet/IP devices. Plus, its convenient four-character alpha/numeric display keeps you in the know at all times. Trust us – when it comes to superior automation solutions, Allen Bradley always delivers.

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1756-L82ES Allen Bradley Controller

Having the right controller can make a world of difference in any manufacturing process. And when it comes to industrial automation, there is no better choice than the 1756-L82ES Allen Bradley Controller. This advanced controller is designed to help bring your business into the future with its top-of-the-line features and performance. In this blog post, we will explore all that the 1756-L82ES Allen Bradley Controller has to offer and why it’s such an invaluable tool for modern manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for greater efficiency or more precise control, this controller can meet all your needs and more.

What is the 1756-L82ES Allen Bradley Controller?

The Allen-Bradley 1756-L82ES Controller is a highly integrated device that combines the functions of a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with that of an Ethernet Switch. It is designed to provide users with a cost-effective and flexible solution for controlling industrial automation applications. The controller features eight digital inputs, eight digital outputs, and four analog inputs. It also has an on-board Ethernet port which allows it to be connected to a network. The controller comes with a software suite that includes a programming environment, configuration tools, and diagnostic utilities.

The Different Types of Allen Bradley Controllers

There are several types of Allen Bradley controllers available on the market today, each designed for specific applications and environments. The most common types are the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), SLC (Small Logic Controller), DCS (Distributed Control System), and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

PLCs are the most popular type of controller used in industrial settings, as they are highly versatile and can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks. SLCs are less complex than PLCs and are typically used for simpler applications. DCSs are designed for large-scale, distributed control systems and are often used in power plants and other mission-critical environments. HMIs provide a graphical interface between humans and machines, allowing operators to interact with the system using buttons, touchscreens, or other input devices.

Pros and Cons of the 1756-L82ES

The 1756-L82ES is a mid-range PLC from Allen Bradley. It is a cost-effective and powerful controller that is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. However, there are some pros and cons to consider before deciding if this is the right PLC for your needs.


– The 1756-L82ES has a high processing speed and can handle complex applications.

– It has a large memory capacity, allowing you to store more programs and data.

– The controller is very rugged and can withstand harsh industrial environments.


– The 1756-L82ES is not compatible with older Allen Bradley PLCs.

– It can be more expensive than other mid-range PLCs on the market.

What Applications is the 1756-L82ES used for?

The Allen Bradley 1756-L82ES is a versatile and reliable controller that can be used for a variety of applications. Some of the most common applications for the 1756-L82ES include:

• Temperature control

• Process control

• Machine automation

• Motion control

How to Install the 1756-L82ES

The 1756-L82ES is a special edition of the popular 1756 Controller. It is designed for use in washdown environments and features enhanced security and safety features. This article will show you how to install the 1756-L82ES in your washdown area.

First, you will need to purchase the 1756-L82ES controller and the appropriate power supply. The power supply must be able to provide 24V DC at 3A or more. You will also need an Ethernet cable and a PC with internet access.

Next, connect the power supply to the controller using the provided cables. Then, connect the Ethernet cable from the controller to the PC. Finally, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

Alternatives to the 1756-L82ES

When it comes to Allen Bradley controllers, the 1756-L82ES is one of the most popular options. However, there are a few alternatives that may be better suited for your needs.

The first alternative is the 1756-L85ES. This controller has a slightly higher price tag, but it offers more features and capabilities than the L82ES. It also has a larger memory capacity, making it better suited for larger applications.

Another alternative is the 1756-L86ES. This controller is even more expensive than the L85ES, but it offers even more features and capabilities. It has the largest memory capacity of any Allen Bradley controller, making it ideal for very large applications.

Finally, you could consider the 1756-L87ES. This controller is the most expensive of all the options, but it offers the most features and capabilities. It has an enormous memory capacity, making it perfect for extremely large applications.


We hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of the 1756-L82ES Allen Bradley controller and its many capabilities. From its impressive I/O count to its powerful programming tools, the L82ES is an industry leading choice for automation projects requiring reliable performance at an affordable price point. Whether your application requires safety or just increased flexibility over traditional controllers, the L82ES is up to the task and should be high on your list of potential solutions.