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Unleash your ControlLogix’s potential with the 1756-ON8 AC Output Module – delivering reliable and efficient power control for up to 8 points at a time. Trust in its robust design and impressive 2A output capability, backed by Allen Bradley’s industry-leading expertise.

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1756-ON8 Allen Bradley IO Modules

When it comes to industrial automation, 1756-ON8 Allen Bradley IO modules are a top choice for many companies. Whether it’s a start-up business or an established manufacturing plant, these modules provide reliable performance and flexibility for any type of application. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of 1756-ON8 Allen Bradley IO modules, why they are such a popular choice in the industrial automation industry, and how to choose the right module for your specific application.

Allen Bradley 1756-ON8

The Allen Bradley 1756-ON8 is an 8-channel output module that can be used with a variety of Allen Bradley controllers. This module provides eight isolated outputs that can be used to control external devices. The outputs can be configured for either sinking or sourcing current, and each output is protected against short circuits.

Features of the 1756-ON8

The 1756-ON8 is an 8-point input/output (I/O) module that provides isolated, high-speed digital I/O for Allen Bradley PLCs. This module is designed for use with the 1756 ControlLogix system and has eight 24 VDC inputs and eight Form C relay outputs. The 1756-ON8 also has an LED indicator for each input and output, so you can easily see the status of your digital I/O. This module is perfect for applications that require isolated digital I/O, such as industrial automation, process control, and machine safety.

Benefits of the 1756-ON8

The 1756-ON8 Allen Bradley IO module provides many benefits for users, including:

• Increased flexibility and scalability – The module can be used in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of specific applications. It is also easily scalable, allowing users to add or remove modules as their needs change.

• Simplified wiring – The module’s design eliminates the need for extensive wiring between devices, saving time and money.

• Enhanced diagnostics – The module’s built-in diagnostics help identify problems quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime.

• Easy installation and commissioning – The module is designed for quick and easy installation and commissioning, saving valuable time and resources.

How to Use the 1756-ON8

The 1756-ON8 is an Allen Bradley IO module that can be used in a variety of applications. Here are some tips on how to use the 1756-ON8:

1. Make sure that the module is properly configured for your application.

2. Connect the module to your system using the appropriate cables and connectors.

3. Install the module in your system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. power up the module and test it in your application.


1.1 What are the different types of Allen Bradley IO modules?

There are several different types of Allen Bradley IO modules, each with its own specific function. The most common type is the input/output (I/O) module, which allows data to be sent to and from the control system. Other types of modules include communication modules, which allow the system to communicate with other devices; interface modules, which provide a way for the system to interact with external devices; and expansion modules, which add additional features or functions to the system.