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Experience precision and reliability like never before with the 1769-IR6 CompactLogix Input Module. With six individually configurable channels, you can trust that each input device will receive the attention it deserves. Say goodbye to open- or short-circuits and over- or under indication headaches – our module has got you covered. Trust us, your Allen Bradley system will thank you for this upgrade!

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1769-IR6 Allen Bradley IO Modules

Industrial automation is a big deal these days, and for good reason. It helps companies improve efficiencies and reduce costs by automating tedious and labour-intensive tasks. But, in order to achieve this level of automation, companies need the right tools. One of the most popular tools on the market today is the 1769-IR6 Allen Bradley IO Module. This module provides an affordable solution that allows companies to easily integrate their existing systems with new automation technology. In this blog post, we will discuss the features of the 1769-IR6 Allen Bradley IO Module and explore how it can help your business succeed.

Description of the 1769-IR6 IO Module

The 1769-IR6 is a 6-channel input/output module for the Allen Bradley PLC. It has six input channels and six output channels. The module is used to interface with sensors and actuators. It has a voltage range of 24 VDC and an input current of 4 mA.

Specifications of the 1769-IR6 IO Module

The 1769-IR6 IO module has the following specifications:

– 6 inputs/outputs
– 8 channels
– 10 kV isolation
– 30 Vdc input voltage
– 500 mA sink current per point
– 2.5 A source current per point

These benefits allow for increased flexibility and functionality when using the 1769-IR6 IO module. Additionally, this module provides superior protection against electrical hazards.

Installation Instructions for the 1769-IR6 IO Module

The 1769-IR6 is a 6-channel isolated input module for the Allen Bradley ControlLogix system. It offers high immunity to electrical noise and voltage surges, and can be used with a variety of input devices, including sensors, switches, and potentiometers. Installation is quick and easy, and no special tools or knowledge are required. In this article, we’ll walk you through the installation process step-by-step.

1) Power down your ControlLogix system and disconnect all cables.

2) Remove the module cover by unscrewing the two screws on the top of the module.

3) Carefully insert the 1769-IR6 into slot 2 of your I/O chassis. Make sure that the notches on the sides of the module align with the slots in the chassis.

4) Screw the module cover back on, making sure that the screws are tight.

5) Reconnect all cables to your ControlLogix system and power it back up.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully installed your 1769-IR6 isolated input module.

How to Use the 1769-IR6 IO Module

The 1769-IR6 IO module is a 6-point isolated input module that provides DC voltage or current input for PLC systems. This module features LED status indicators for each point, as well as an isolation barrier between field wiring and the PLC system. The module can be used with either AC or DC voltage inputs, and has a maximum input voltage of 30V. Current inputs are limited to 10mA.

When using the 1769-IR6 IO module, it is important to take note of the following:

-Isolation barrier should be used when connecting field wiring to the PLC system in order to prevent damage to the PLC system.

-Inputs should be within the specified range in order to avoid damage to the module or inaccurate readings.

-LED status indicators can be used to troubleshoot input problems.

Troubleshooting the 1769-IR6 IO Module

The 1769-IR6 IO module is a 6-channel input/output module for the Allen Bradley ControlLogix system. This module has six isolated inputs and six isolated outputs, and is used for applications requiring high voltage or current control. The maximum input voltage for this module is 30 VDC, and the maximum output current is 6 A.

If you are having trouble with your 1769-IR6 IO module, there are a few things you can try to troubleshoot the issue. First, check all of the connections to the module to make sure they are tight and secure. Next, check the status of the LEDs on the front of the module – if they are all off, then the power may be off to the module. If one or more of the LEDs is blinking, that could indicate an error condition.

If you still can’t determine what the problem is, contact your Allen Bradley distributor or technical support for assistance.


The 1769-IR6 Allen Bradley IO Modules are a valuable asset to any industrial control system. With the ability to monitor and control processes at both the local level, as well as remotely via Ethernet, these modules offer reliable data acquisition and monitoring options for any application. Additionally, their modular nature allows for easy expansion of existing systems when necessary. If you’re looking for an efficient way to integrate your industrial control systems with other devices, then look no further than the 1769-IR6 Allen Bradley IO Modules.