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Power up your operations with 1606-XLS180B – the ultimate single-phase power supply delivering a whopping 180W, 12-25 V DC and an impressive current of 15A. Trust us Allen Bradley, this powerhouse will never let you down!

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1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply

Are you looking for a reliable industrial power supply? If so, then the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply is exactly what you need. This cutting-edge power supply provides an extensive range of features that make it perfect for a variety of applications. From its high efficiency to its advanced monitoring capabilities and more, this power supply offers everything you could ever want in an industrial power source. In this blog post, we will discuss the features of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply, as well as why it makes such an ideal choice for any industrial setting. Read on to learn more and determine if this is the right option for your business needs.

Description of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply

The Allen Bradley 1606-XLS180B Power Supply is a single-phase, AC input power supply that provides DC output. It has an input voltage range of 100-240VAC and an output voltage of 18VDC. The power supply is enclosed in a NEMA 1 rated enclosure and is suitable for use in industrial applications.

Specifications of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply

The 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply is a world-class power supply that offers excellent features and performance. This power supply provides 180 watts of output power and is ideal for use in industrial and commercial applications. The 1606-XLS180B features include an adjustable output voltage, current limit, thermal protection, and overvoltage protection. This power supply also has a wide operating temperature range and is UL listed.

Advantages of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply

The 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply is a great choice for those in need of a reliable and affordable power supply. This unit provides plenty of clean, regulated power for industrial applications, and its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in harsh environments. Additionally, the 1606-XLS180B features an LED status indicator that lets you know at a glance whether the unit is operational.

Disadvantages of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply

There are several disadvantages of the 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply. First, it is not very energy efficient. Second, it produces a lot of heat, which can be a problem in some environments. Third, it is quite expensive. Finally, it is not very reliable and has been known to fail.


The 1606-XLS180B Allen Bradley Power Supply is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their system or replace an old power supply. This product offers reliable performance, durability, and ease of use that can make any project easier. With its wide array of features and robust design, the 1606-XLS180B provides a worry-free solution to your power needs – whether you’re upgrading an existing system or building something new from scratch. Check out our website today for more information on this top quality power supply!