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Introducing the 1756-PA72K Conformal coated power supply – your ultimate solution for reliable and efficient power delivery! With an input voltage range of 85-265 VAC, this powerhouse offers up to 10 Amps on its 5V output, and a whopping 75.00 W of power. Plus, with its sleek conformal coating, you can rest assured that it’s built to last. Trust us, Allen Bradley – the 1756-PA72K is a game-changer!

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1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply

The 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply is a reliable and efficient solution for your automation needs. It is designed to provide up to 72 kilowatts of power in an industrial environment, allowing you to run more than one machine from the same source. Not only that, but it also helps reduce costs by decreasing energy consumption throughout the day. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply such a great choice for powering your industrial operations.

What is the 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply?

The Allen Bradley Power Supply is a device that provides power to devices in an industrial setting. It is typically used to power control panels, PLCs, and other devices that require a constant supply of power. The 1756-PA72K is a specific model of the Allen Bradley Power Supply that delivers 72 kilowatts of power.

How does the 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply work?

The 1756-PA72K is an Allen Bradley power supply that provides 72 VDC at 1 A. It is used to power the PLC5/20 and SLC500 families of processors. The power supply is connected to the AC line voltage via a plug-in module. The module contains a rectifier, filter capacitor, and an EMI filter. The rectifier converts the AC line voltage to DC, and the filter capacitor filters out any AC ripple. The EMI filter helps to reduce any electromagnetic interference that may be present on the AC line.

How to use the 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply?

Assuming you have a 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power supply, here’s how to use it:

First, make sure that the power switch is in the off position. Then, plug the power cord into an outlet and into the back of the power supply. Next, turn on the power switch. The green power LED should come on.

Now you can begin using your devices. To do so, plug them into the appropriate outlet on the front of the power supply. The outlets are labeled 1-8 and correspond to the following voltages: 115V, 24V, 125V, 230V, 12V, 5V, -12V, and 5VSB. Once your devices are plugged in, turn on their power switches.

That’s all there is to it! Now you know how to use your 1756-PA72K Allen Bradley Power Supply.