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Experience unbeatable power with the 1606-XLS480E-D Power Supply – delivering a strong and reliable 24-28V DC output voltage at an impressive 480W. With a robust 20A rating and capable of handling up to 600V DC input voltage, this Standard Module Switched Mode solution is your answer for DINRail mount requirements. Trust us, Allen Bradley – you won’t find better.

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1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply

When it comes to industrial automation and control, you need robust and reliable power supplies. The 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply is the perfect choice for any industrial automation application that needs a high-precision power source. This power supply features a 480W wide range input, low noise output with linear regulation, and adjustable output current limit protection. It also has an integrated overtemperature shutoff circuit and overload protection to ensure safety in operation. In this blog post, we will explore the many benefits of the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply and how it can help you in your automation projects.

What is the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply?

The 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply is a highly efficient, modular AC/DC power supply that provides up to 480 watts of output power. It features a wide input voltage range, high efficiency, and low noise operation. The power supply is also EMC compliant and has a variety of safety features.

How does the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply work?

The 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply is a power supply that provides power to devices in an industrial setting. It converts AC power from the mains to DC power, which is then used to operate devices in the facility. The power supply is designed to work with a variety of different voltages and can be configured to work with specific devices.

What are the benefits of using the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply?

The 1606-XLSE-D Allen Bradley Power Supply provides a number of benefits for users, including:

-A compact design that is easy to install and use
-A wide input voltage range that makes it suitable for use in a variety of applications
-High efficiency that helps to reduce energy costs
-A built-in EMI filter that helps to reduce electromagnetic interference

How to use the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply

If you’re looking for an Allen Bradley power supply that can handle your industrial applications, the 1606-XLS480E-D is a great option. This guide will show you how to use this power supply so that you can get the most out of it.

The 1606-XLS480E-D is a 480W AC/DC power supply that provides regulated DC outputs. It has an input voltage range of 85-264VAC and an output voltage range of 0-60VDC. The power supply also features overvoltage, short circuit, and thermal protection.

To use the 1606-XLS480E-D, first connect the AC input to the power supply using the provided cables. Then connect your DC loads to the appropriate output terminals. Make sure that the load impedance does not exceed the maximum limit for each output terminal.

Once everything is connected, you can turn on the power supply by flipping the switch on the back panel. The green LED on the front panel will indicate that the power supply is on and functioning properly. You can then adjust the output voltage using the knob on the front panel.

That’s all there is to using the 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply! With its easy installation and operation, this power supply is a great choice for your industrial applications.


The 1606-XLS480E-D Allen Bradley Power Supply is a reliable and cost effective power supply solution. It has an adjustable output voltage, high surge current capability, and excellent thermal management capabilities. With its easy installation process and safety features, the 1606-XLS480E-D proves to be a durable and dependable power supply for many applications. Whether you are looking for a new or used Allen Bradley product, this model should definitely be on your list of options.