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Get ready to experience superior safety and efficiency with the 1734-OB8S POINT I/O Output Module. With 8 channels of sourcing power, this module delivers up to 1A max, ensuring optimal performance in industrial settings. Trust us, you won’t find a better solution than this for your Allen Bradley needs.

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1734-OB8S Allen Bradley IO Modules

Allen Bradley IO modules are used to interface with and control devices in an industrial environment. There are a variety of IO modules available, each with its own unique features and capabilities. In this article, we will introduce the main types of Allen Bradley IO modules and their uses.

The 1734-OB8S Module

The 1734-OB8S module is an Allen Bradley IO module that provides eight inputs and eight outputs. This module is used in PLC systems to provide input/output capabilities for a variety of applications. The 1734-OB8S has a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for many applications, including:

• 8 inputs and 8 outputs

• 2kV isolation

• 4mA current sink/source

• -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range

• Advanced diagnostics

Specifications of the 1734-OB8S

The 1734-OB8S is an Allen Bradley input/output module that can be used with a variety of different devices. It has eight input/output channels, each of which can be individually configured. The module also has a built-in self-test feature that can be used to test the functionality of the module.

How the 1734-OB8S Works

The Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8S is a digital input/output module that provides eight points of digital I/O for PLC-5, SLC 500, and MicroLogix 1500 programmable logic controllers. The module accepts inputs from devices such as push buttons, switches, and sensors. The outputs can control devices such as lights, motors, and valves.

The module has eight input channels and eight output channels. Each channel is individually software configurable for either input or output. The module uses an LED to indicate the status of each input and output channel.

The module communicates with the controller over the controller’s backplane. The backplane provides power to the module and carries the data signals between the module and the controller.

Advantages of the 1734-OB8S

1734-OB8S advantages:

1. Support for up to 8 input/output points.
2. Isolation between input and output channels.
3. Ability to expand the system by adding additional 1734 modules.
4. Easy installation and configuration.

Disadvantages of the 1734-OB8S

There are a few disadvantages to the 1734-OB8S IO module which include:

1. Limited support for older devices – the 1734-OB8S only supports devices with an Ethernet/IP interface. This means that if you have devices that use a different protocol, you will not be able to connect them to this module.

2. No built-in power supply – the 1734-OB8S does not come with a power supply, so you will need to purchase one separately.

3. Requires configuration – unlike some other IO modules, the 1734-OB8S requires configuration in order to function properly. This can be time-consuming and may require assistance from a qualified technician.


The 1734-OB8S Allen Bradley IO Modules provide a cost effective, reliable solution for industrial automation needs. With its versatility and wide range of I/O options, the 1734-OB8S is a great choice for those looking to expand their plant’s capability. This module comes with all necessary components and wiring so that installation is simple, fast and easy. With the help of this product you can easily integrate your machine into any existing system, making it more efficient than ever before.