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Looking for a high-density output module that packs a punch? Look no further than the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley! With 32 solid-state sink outputs and reliable 24V DC power, this single wide module is perfect for compactLogix systems that demand top-tier performance. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the impressive capabilities of the OV32T.

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Look no further than the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley

Are you in need of a reliable and efficient output module for your PLC system? Look no further than the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley. With its impressive voltage range, RoHS compliance, and low current consumption, this output module is a top choice for engineers and technicians alike. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the features that make the 1769-OV32T stand out from other options on the market. So sit back, relax, and discover why this module might just be what you’ve been searching for!

The 1769-OV32T is a 32 point output module that is used in PLC systems

The 1769-OV32T output module is a reliable and efficient solution for 32 point output requirements in PLC systems. It offers seamless integration with CompactLogix controllers, providing the user with high-speed data transfer and precise control over connected devices.

One of the great advantages of using this module is its compact size. The small form factor allows it to fit easily into tight spaces within industrial environments, saving valuable real estate on factory floors or control cabinets.

In addition to its compact design, the 1769-OV32T also boasts impressive durability and robustness. It can handle harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration that are common in industrial settings, making it an ideal choice for mission-critical applications.

If you’re looking for a high-performance output module that can withstand tough conditions while delivering accurate results, then the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley is definitely worth considering.

The 1769-OV32T has a voltage range of 10-30VDC

The 1769-OV32T is a highly versatile output module that has been designed to meet the demands of modern PLC systems. One of its key features is its voltage range, which extends from 10-30VDC.

This means that the module can be used with a wide variety of electrical systems and components, making it an ideal choice for industrial applications where flexibility is essential.

The fact that the 1769-OV32T operates within this specific voltage range ensures that it can provide reliable and consistent performance in all kinds of conditions. Whether you are working with low-voltage or high-voltage equipment, this module offers exceptional precision and accuracy.

In addition to its impressive voltage range, the 1769-OV32T is also RoHS compliant, meaning that it meets stringent environmental standards. This makes it an excellent choice for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint while still enjoying outstanding functionality.

If you’re looking for a high-quality output module that delivers reliable performance across a broad range of voltages, then look no further than the versatile and efficient 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley.

The 1769-OV32T is RoHS compliant

The 1769-OV32T is a module that is designed to meet the latest environmental standards. As such, it is RoHS compliant, which means that it does not contain any hazardous substances such as lead or mercury. This makes it an environmentally friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

RoHS compliance is important because it helps protect both people and the environment from harm caused by hazardous materials. By using the 1769-OV32T in your PLC systems, you can be confident that you are making a positive contribution towards protecting our planet.

Furthermore, being RoHS compliant demonstrates Allen Bradley’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. It shows that they understand the importance of reducing their impact on the environment while still delivering high-quality products for consumers.

Choosing a product like the 1769-OV32T not only benefits your business but also contributes towards creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

The 1769-OV32T has a current consumption of 500mA

The 1769-OV32T is a highly efficient and low-current consumption output module that can be used in various PLC systems. With its current consumption of only 500mA, this module works incredibly well for applications where power usage needs to be optimized.

This low current consumption feature also helps improve the overall lifespan of the device by reducing heat dissipation, which reduces wear and tear on internal components. This means you get a more reliable product with less chance of failure or downtime.

Furthermore, because it runs on such little power, the 1769-OV32T is an excellent choice for companies looking to reduce their energy costs. By consuming minimal amounts of electricity while still delivering optimal performance results, this output module represents a win-win situation both financially and environmentally.

In summary, if your company values efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability in its operations, the 1769-OV32T should definitely be among your top choices when selecting output modules for your PLC system.

The 1769-OV32T has a maximum power dissipation of 10W

In summary, the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley is an excellent choice for PLC systems that require a 32 point output module. With its voltage range of 10-30VDC and RoHS compliance, it meets industry standards while providing reliable performance. Its current consumption of 500mA and maximum power dissipation of 10W make it energy efficient as well. So if you’re looking for a dependable and efficient output module for your PLC system, look no further than the 1769-OV32T from Allen Bradley!